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the art+science of teamwork

DifferentMatters is a training + development firm. We unleash teamwork and collaboration in leaders, teams and organizations.

DifferentMatters specializes in advancing the art + science of teamwork, believing that collaborative relationships are both the secret to success and a key competitive advantage.

We’re continuously developing better ways for people to show up as themselves, contribute to their fullest and end each day feeling like a million bucks. In everything we do, DifferentMatters challenges people to show courage, compassion, respect and resiliency in their relationships.

about todd attridge

Todd is the founder of DifferentMatters and author of Teams + Leadership and Teams of Superheroes.  He is a North American teamwork consultant and coaches top executives and senior leadership teams in collaborating in the modern workplace.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is an active practitioner within Actionable.co and gains his insights into teamwork, collaboration and relationships from his years of practical experience and study with the Coaches Training Institute, CRR Global, The Leadership Circle®, Full Circle Group, DiSC™, Thomas International and Dr. Brené Brown.

Todd Attridge, Teamwork Consultant & Founder of DifferentMatters
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