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collaborating in the modern workplace

Teamwork is your competitive advantage.

Today’s workplace is fast-paced and calls for networked teams to work on multiple projects at the same time. Advances in technology have decentralized organizations, ushering in mobile offices with global reach. Information changes so quickly, direct reports often have the latest updates before their leaders do.

In the modern workplace, collaboration is a key competency for every employee – not just leaders. If they’re going to succeed, organizations need teams of people who can work together and this means developing skills necessary to navigate fast-paced environments.

Investing in company-wide collaboration delivers a sustainable competitive advantage because, unlike the traditional approach which invests in a single leader’s development, entire teams are not as easily reproduced or recruited.

looking to tap into deep collaboration and teamwork?

Teams + Leadership is hands-on training for leaders and their teams that provides a powerful introduction to the techniques and skills needed for teamwork and collaboration. This 3-day course teaches you skills to form, lead and be a part of an inspired team that supports inclusion, collaboration and high performance.

Our process focuses on participation and practical experience rather than lecture, with lots of opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your new skills.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced leaders who want to maximize their team’s engagement and performance,
  • HR leaders who want to level-up collaboration and teamwork in their organizations,
  • Emerging leaders, new to leading teams and,
  • Existing teams who want to reach their peak performance.


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  • The mechanics of collaboration, teamwork and the Teams + Leadership approach,
  • The impact that trust, influence and relationships have on collaboration,
  • Emotional, Social and Relationship Intelligence tools needed to improve team performance and,
  • How to use the Teams + Leadership model to enhance team dynamics and collaboration.


  • An action plan to immediately integrate Teams + Leadership into your team,
  • Practical applications and tactics that improve your team’s inclusion, collaboration and performance and,
  • A customized set of actionable conversations designed to keep you and your team collaborating.


  • Valuable resources that help integrate the Teams + Leadership approach,
  • Access to a private, online account to track your progress,
  • Reports and real-time insights into your team’s engagement and,
  • 60-minute group support call for peer-to-peer learning.
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