Take Risks, Push Your Limits and Stand Out From Your Competition

To be successful in today’s marketplace, organizations need to stand out from their competition. Being the first to market – the company that all other companies follow – takes courage, confidence and collaboration at every level. The world is fast-paced and change happens quicker than ever before, making teamwork and collaboration critical to every top performing organization.

In the modern workplace, collaboration is a key competency for every employee – not just leaders. If you’re going to succeed, you need teams of people who can work together and this means developing skills necessary to navigate fast-paced environments.

Investing in company-wide collaboration delivers a sustainable competitive advantage because, unlike the traditional approach which invests in a single leader’s development, entire teams are not as easily reproduced or recruited.

Teamwork means giving it your all

The Daring Way™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. This 5-part course examines the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that get in our way, holding us back from reaching our potential, then identifies the new choice and practices that move us toward taking risks, pushing our limits and standing out from everyone else. Our process focuses on participation and practical experience rather than lecture, with lots of opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your new skills.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced leaders who want to stretch their comfort zones,
  • HR leaders who want to deepen collaboration, risk-taking and decision making in their organizations,
  • Emerging leaders, new to leading teams and,
  • Existing teams who want to strengthen trust, healthy debate and risk taking.


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  • New behaviors that build deep trust within a team,
  • How risk-taking, uncertainty and feeling exposed will impact performance results,
  • Which strengths and talents hide behind self-doubt,
  • The different between striving to achieve top results and striving for perfectionism and,
  • How to identify the situations that trigger self-doubt then how to build resiliency plans..


  • Applications that link trust, vulnerability and resilience to risk-taking and high performance,
  • Practical applications and tactics that improve your team’s inclusion, collaboration and performance and,
  • A customized set of actionable conversations designed to keep you and your team collaborating.


  • Valuable resources that help integrate The Daring Way™ approach,
  • Actionable Conversations™ you can use with your team,
  • Access to a private, online account to track your progress,
  • Reports and real-time insights into your team’s engagement and,
  • 60-minute group support call for peer-to-peer learning.
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