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Talking about values is becoming more and more common in today's workplace but people still don't fully understand why or even what to do with with this shopping list of fluffy words. For most people it can feel uncomfortable…sort of like talking about your (*gulp*) emotions. Ew.


Now, you know Joe in accounting values "respect" and Linda in HR values "inclusion" but, so what?!? What does that have to do with you?


Well…knowing someone's values is HUGE if you want a strong working relationship with them. Take Joe for example. He values "respect". That might explain why he needs to ask for everyone's opinion before making a decision. That might explain why he has a hard time giving hard feedback. The idea of disrespecting someone can send him into a tailspin so he over-compensates.


Fine. It might explain a few things but, so what?!? That's their issue, not yours, right?


Well…since you know Linda values "inclusion", what if you were to invite her to that important meeting? Or, what if you were to cc her on an email? Or, what if you asked her opinion on a problem you're facing? Feeding into someone's values helps build really strong bonds with them.


Imagine what would happen if you fed into someone's values instead of stepping on them? Give it a try today. See what happens.

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