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I love watching movies.  My favourite movies tell the story of a never-been-done-before task, like robbing three casino safes or blowing up an asteroid before it destroys the earth.  In these stories, there's always a mastermind with a vision that everyone around him is convinced is crazy.  And, why not?  Afterall, it's never-been-done-before.

But, the mastermind with the vision is convinced the plan will work with the right people and sets out to find them.  

The world's best safecracker.  The world's best con man.  The world's best computer hacker.  The world's best poker player.

The world's best astronaut. The world's best driller.  The world's best munition's expert. 

Never in these movies do you see them try to find the ONE person who can pilot the space shuttle, drill the hole on the delicate fault line, plant the explosives, take off again then detonate the fuse to save the world.  Why?  Because that ONE person doesn't exist.

Instead, they lay out a plan for success and each plays a critical role in using their expertise to make sure the plan succeeds.  And, it does. 

Cut back to the real world.

The problems facing businesses are no different and neither is the process.  Assemble a team of experts who can each shoulder a specific piece and you'll be successful.  Try and make one person responsible for the entire solution and you fail.


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