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Everyone Deserves a Healthy Work Environment, That’s Why We Specialize in Creating Human-Centric Workplaces™️

You already know people are the secret to your success. The fight for talent has never been greater. Like you, organizations everywhere are working hard to find new ways to attract new talent, deeply engage with their existing teams, and retain the best and brightest minds. DifferentMatters is the behaviour change agency that creates Human-Centric Workplaces™ based on cultures of belonging. Backed by years of research and rooted in human psychology, our practical approach results in establishing healthy business models centered around care, inclusion, trust, and transparency.

We Help organizations struggling with:

Turn Over Problems

Unproductive Teams

Lack Of Accountabilty

Unhappy Employees

Why Our Approach Works

Remember your last workshop? The one that ended with everyone taking turns sharing “the one thing you’ll do differently because of today’s session”, but then, days later, everyone went back to doing things exactly how they used to?

At DifferentMatters, we use psychology and behaviour science to create sustainable new habits that build on people’s self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence.

Human-Centric Workplaces™ helps your people effectively use their agency, space, and voice so they go home every day feeling like a million bucks, knowing they made a difference.

The Proof Is In The Results

Research shows that organizations that build on people’s self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence are:


Twice as likely to meet or exceed their financial targets.


Three times as likely to be high-performing.


Six times more likely to be innovative.


Eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes.

What Our Work Focuses On

Our solutions are designed for executives, leadership teams, and entire workforces.

Talent Engagement and Retention

You went to great lengths to assemble a highly talented workforce so why not use them to their fullest? We make it possible for employees to thrive by showing up, contributing everything they’ve got, and leave work feeling energized with a sense of accomplishment.

Enabling Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives only work when people are willing to change their learned behaviours. We use a blend of psychology, courage, empathy, and emotional literacy to give people the skills they need to navigate uncomfortable situations and view others differently.


Culture is defined by the way people actually behave, not by the way they’re meant to behave and is the #1 leading indicator of how well an organization will perform. We use insights, education, and behaviour change to create intentional and measurable habits that craft your company’s ideal culture.

“Their skills, compassion, directness and knowledge base inspired and impressed the entire group. Under their guidance our team experienced meaningful and lasting positive impact.”

Shelly P.
Chief People Officer
Consolidated Energy Solutions

“DifferentMatters allows you to feel confident and open to solutions you may not have considered — an asset to any company.”

Erin H.
Human Resources Consultant
McDonald’s Canada

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Todd Attridge, Teamwork Consultant & Founder of Different Matters

Our techniques are based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Dare to Leadis an empirically based courage building program designed to be facilitated by organizational development professionals.