Transform Your Team

Be inspired by the way your team plans, leads, and works together.

What are the top chief executives doing differently?

Ask yourself, how openly does your team discuss the “real” issues? Are they challenging your perspective, speaking openly and honestly with each other and, raising unpopular topics for discussion?

How readily does your team both believe in and rely on each other for support? Do they show solidarity when things go wrong, ask for help when they need it and, give each other credit where credit is due?

How seamlessly does your team work together to produce extraordinary results? Do they look for winning solutions to complex problems, influence each other’s decisions and, fight their own complacency?

What does it take to transform a team?

How do executive teams design the way they work together? What are they doing that connects them to each other and to their goals? What mindset do they adopt to become unstoppable? Find out in this short video.

Three Key Outcomes That Transform Teams


Move from “play it safe” to “play to win”. By building the confidence to face risk and uncertainty combined with the resolve to rebound from setbacks and failure, truly iconic teams find the courage to make bold choices that elevate performance.

“DifferentMatters allows you to feel confident and open to solutions you may not have considered — an asset to any company.”

Erin H.
Human Resources Consultant
McDonald’s Canada


Move from “personal” to “collective”. When teams draw on their combined strengths, hold each other to task, and stay committed to their shared goals, they become truly iconic force.

“Their skills, compassion, directness and knowledge base inspired and impressed the entire group. Under their guidance our team experienced meaningful and lasting positive impact.”
Shelly P.
Chief People Officer
Consolidated Energy Solutions


Move from “anecdotal” to “measurable”. With the help of science-backed research, truly iconic teams have the mindfulness to examine what makes them successful, the humility to acknowledge their shortcomings, and the determination to narrow that gap.

“DifferentMatters led my leadership team through a self examination of what we do well and not so well, as a team, and guided us seamlessly to defining our “Manifesto”. It has been a couple of years and it is as meaningful today as the day we aligned to it.”
Blair R.
President Sales & Customer Service
PepsiCo Canada

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