Putting insights into action

A hands-on, pragmatic approach to building a strong, unstoppable organization.

At DifferentMatters, we believe the best laid corporate plans and strategic roadmaps will only work if there is a fundamental shift in human behaviour. And enough personal courage to move ahead.

We help organizations achieve just that. It’s our difference maker.

How do we do it? By working closely with you and your teams to make sure bold new behaviours and a results-focused mindset become second nature. This is the only way you will achieve the lasting change you desire.

Our workplace culture transformation solutions are immersive and hands-on. They can involve each level of your organization from the C-suite team and department leaders down to every manager and team member.

We get to the root of what is in the way… and set to work actively to shift limiting behaviours and mindsets.

While other companies may provide knowledge or direction, our sweet spot is the application of that knowledge. In other words, we help you execute on strategy. Put insights into action. Help you courageously conquer:

  • Post-Covid workplace transformation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • A change in strategic direction
  • A full corporate re-org
  • Higher ROI & productivity
  • Transformative culture change: less attrition, more engagement
  • Risk, exposures, bouncing back from failures

In the sea of sameness of consultants, DifferentMatters stood out… they were able to relate to the group in a way no one else had, spoke their language and gave real life examples.

Anesie Johnson-Smith,

Vice President of Marketing, Sir Corp

What’s in our DifferentMatters Toolbox?

  • C-suite, leader, and team workshops (36 to 48 weeks)
  • Psychometrics
  • Interviews
  • Data analysis
  • E-journaling
  • Peer-coaching
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Cross-pollinated facilitation
  • Team, leader, and individual training

Transformation in action

Our DifferentMatters culture transformation process includes:

1. Reverse-engineering the strategy

A perfect balance of assessments, facilitated workshops, and peer coaching.

We reverse engineer the strategic plan, identifying the human elements that will either impede or enable your success. Our approach comprises a powerful mix of interviews, assessments, dynamic team workshops and peer coaching over a period of several months to a year (28 weeks is typical). We believe it is integral to reinforce these new behaviours using different modalities and over a meaningful chunk of time so they can truly take hold.

2. Guiding meaningful dialogues

Conversations and commitments to uncover issues and ignite change.

As part of the process, we facilitate guided dialogues between leaders and team members. Every participant makes personal commitments and receives support and accountability to stay true to these commitments along the way. Insights and outcomes are carefully documented – and data is captured to inform the path forward.

3. Collecting and measuring data

Staying on course for successful transformation.

Our process is never based on guesswork – but on data-driven insights. Successful transformation requires adjustments and continuous monitoring along the way. We do this seamlessly, never letting the math get in the way of the very human culture transformation journey.

4. Building courage

The confidence to overcome obstacles, face risk, and conquer fear of change.

Leading organizations all possess one great quality: courage. For this reason, we help every member of your organization overcome fears getting in the way of personal and professional success. It might be as simple as giving honest feedback. Or as hard as taking risks. Driving innovation. Staying strong in the face of adversity. Our proven courage building process is a powerful way we activate meaningful change in organizations large and small.