The Behaviour Change Agency

We’ll change the way you do business

We teach courage-building skills to leaders and organizations facing change

Why DifferentMatters



We know that people development has to be relevant to the “big picture” (perhaps you’re building a sales plan, marketing a new product or finding efficiencies). Our programs begin with understanding your business goals, are tailored to help you reach them, and are measured using your metrics.


Even the best designed plans will fizzle without a team who is ready, willing and able to bring them to life. That’s where we come in. Our programs give people the skills to take responsibility, have the tough conversations and embrace change so they achieve their business goals.


We want people to use what they learn to make a real difference. Our participants practice their courage skills in their own work environments until it becomes habit. Each of our programs use powerful behaviour-changing techniques including 120-days of hands-on learning and an online platform to record their progress.