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We help organizations drive change and activate cultural transformation.

Imagine This:

You’re at the helm of a flourishing and vibrant organization, poised for growth, ready to seize the future.

Your people are inspired, productive, unafraid to show their true colours. They are driven by a common goal: to innovate, collaborate, and perform to their fullest potential.

If you can see it, you can achieve it.

DifferentMatters helps forward-thinking organizations transform their cultures to think bigger, act bolder, and move faster. Look to us to instil confidence and help you emerge as a unique and unstoppable force ready for tomorrow.

Let’s do it! Together, we’ll build a culture of belonging, innovation and resilience to boldly grow, no matter what lies ahead!

Our leadership experts are ready to help your business thrive. Here’s what’s in store:

Build Courage

Inject courage skills into your organization’s DNA to drive success, resilience and innovation. Equip your teams to fearlessly navigate risk and move ahead confidently, seizing opportunities in the face of transformational change. more less

Ignite Transformation

Drive change… in a dynamic and inclusive way that engages everyone in your organization. Co-create your own transformation so that everyone — from CEO to admin assistant — is involved, committed, and aligned to achieve positive outcomes for tomorrow. more less

Galvanize Your Teams

Break down silos and build a fearless culture that collaborates, innovates and achieves extraordinary goals. Foster collective intelligence, and allow your employees to set a direct course, lockstep with one another, towards an exciting and prosperous future. more less

Activate Your Strategy

Blaze a bold trail forward for your organization by converting your vision into action and quantifiable success. We’ll stoke your courage to do what scares you, actuate your vision… and set fire to that dusty plan of action. If you’re ready to shift, we’re ready to motivate and equip you. We’ll help you instil powerful behaviours to keep you on that unswerving path to boundless prosperity. more less

Birth a Culture of Belonging

Unlock human potential so your people surge ahead with passion and purpose. As you empower your people, they’ll see their ideas come to life and the whole organization will flourish. Attract and keep the best talent by creating a culture where people feel valued and empowered. Imagine if your entire organization had the courage to show up, bring everything they’ve got, and contribute to their fullest? We can get you there. more less

Play to Win

Harness your collective, wisdom, strengths and talents to drive better decisions and bring your best game! Our courage building workshops will make you fiercer, more focused and strong enough to outrun the competition by a landslide. more less

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“In the sea of sameness of consultants, DifferentMatters stood out… they were able to relate to the group in a way no one else had, spoke their language and gave real life examples.”

Anesie Johnson-Smith,
Vice President of Marketing
Sir Corp

“… a world of difference for anyone wanting to become a better leader or any company needing to build stronger relationships with their teams for better results.”

Pam Jacques
Marketing and Communications Manager
Sandman Hotel Group

“An inspirational leader who allows you to feel comfortable and open to solutions you may not have considered — an asset to any company.”

Erin H.
Human Resources Consultant
McDonalds Canada

Ready to activate that courageous and inclusive culture you've imagined?

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